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 Disturbed10's Slayer Guide

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PostSubject: Disturbed10's Slayer Guide   Tue Nov 25, 2008 5:05 pm

-For this skill you will want to start of with chickens at level one.
Each chicken gives 100xp per kill and also drops useful bones for geting up your prayer.

-Once you hit yp lvl 10 you will have access to skeletons these are not very good money so you will just have to manage to kill them for the next 10 levels.

-At level 20 you can kill Crawling Hands they may be level 8 but have a good amount of hp. They are also known for droping god sword shards and i just had the craziest luck and got 3 shards training on these, so you may be pleased at what they drop.

-Once your level 30 geting 40 will be pretty quick because the cave bugs are quick and fun xp. In fact i got it so fast by the time i was fished with them i was level 43 and didnt even notice.

-Level 40 can be considered a good money making level because these monsters drops lots of helms of neitiznot which alch for about 7.5mil each.

-lvl 55 aberrant specters: more info to come

-lvl 70 abyssal demon: more info to come

-lvl 90 dark beast: more info to come

Thank you for joining us at Mikescape.no-ip.org Hope you liked the guide from you local mods and admins =D. And sorry if you were not in picture your still apreciated thanks for the coding mike!

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PostSubject: Re: Disturbed10's Slayer Guide   Tue Nov 25, 2008 7:30 pm

good i like it

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Disturbed10's Slayer Guide
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